2024 International Conference on Clothing and Textiles
“Circular Economy: Fashion Forward to Resilient Future”

Date: May 10-11, 2024
Venue: International Convention Center, Jeju, Republic of Korea

Day 1 : May 10 (Fri.)

Time Activity
9:30~10:30 Registration Location:
Ocean view,
Convention Center
10:30~12:10 JRATEU – KSCT Joint Symposium (Online)
“Circular Fashion and Textile Science”

Co-Chairs: Dr. Su-Young Son, Kyungpook National University, Korea
Dr. Takako Fukazawa,Kyoto University of Education, Japan
Special Topic Oral Presentation Session1 (Online)
: Consumer Response to Market Dynamics
13:30~15:30 Pre-conference Workshop : Eco-print Scarf Craft Workshop
15:30~17:00 Graduate Student Research Competition (Online)
17:00~20:00 Reception & Welcome Dinner Location:
Ocean view,
Convention Center
20:00~21:00 Young Scholar mentoring

Day 2 : May 11 (Sat.)

Time Activity
Plenary Session (8:00-11:40)
(Samda AB Hall)
08:00~09:00 Registration
08:30~09:00 KSCT Regular General Meeting:
09:00~09:30 Greetings: Dr. Yoon-Jung Lee (President, Korean Society of Clothing and Textiles, Korea)
Congratulatory Messages
09:30~10:10 Keynote Speech 1:
“Envisioning Textile and Apparel Research Agendas for Sustainable Future”

Dr. Jung Ha-Brookshire (Professor, University of Missouri, USA & President, International Textile and Apparel Association)

10:10~10:20 Break
10:20~11:00 Keynote Speech 2:
“Circular Textiles: Application of Cradle to Cradle and Green Engineering in Textile Product Development”

Dr. Huantian Cao (professor, University of Delaware, USA)

11:00~11:40 Keynote Speech 3:
“Fostering Sustainable and Circular Practices: the case of micro and small fashion businesses.”

Prof. Sandy Black (Professor, London College of Fashion, UK)

11:40~13:30 Lunch
Poster Presentations & Q&A FTEX winner session (online)
Special Lectures (13:30~15:00)
Clothing & Culture
(Samda AB Hall)
Textiles/Clothing Science & Technology
(Rm 303)
13:30~14:10 Special lecture 1
“Fashion in motion: the evolution of the Spanish industry to achieve sustainability”

Dr. Paloma Diaz Soloaga

(Professor, The Computense University, Spain)

Special lecture 3
“Computer Aided Fashion Intelligence – a bridge connecting the real & virtual worlds”

Dr. Tracy Mok

(Professor, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, HKSAR)

14:10~14:50 Special lecture 2
“Sustainability in Textile Education – Meaning, Concepts and Evidence”

Dr. Anne-Marie Grundmeier

(Professor, University of Education Freiburg, Germany)

Special lecture 4
“Multifunctional Sensors for Smart Wearables”

Dr. Hang Liu

(Professor, Washington State University, USA)

14:50~15:00 Coffee Break
15:00~16:30 Concurrent Sessions (15:00~16:30)
Special topic oral presentation session2

: Human-Tech Synergy for Circular Economy in Fashion
Special topic oral presentation session3

: Design Practice for Circular Economy
- - Rm 303 Rm 301 Samda AB
Rm 304 Rm 302
16:30 ~17:00 Graduate Student Research Competition & Best Paper Awards Ceremony