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From January 1, 2022 to August 31, 2022, during the promotion period of internationalization,
we will temporarily waive the entry fee for foreign membership and the annual fee for 2022. Enjoy free sign up on this opportunity.

If you are a domestic member, please log in and pay through My Page.

*Fiscal Year.Jan.1 - Dec. 31

New regular professional annual dues  ₩60,000  $60      PAYPAL

New regular graduate student annual dues  ₩40,000  $40      PAYPAL

Regular professional renewal dues ₩50,000  $50      PAYPAL

Regular graduate student renewal dues ₩30,000  $30      PAYPAL

Lifetime member dues ₩600,000  $600   PAYPAL

Associate member dues  ₩10,000  $10       PAYPAL

Corporate member dues    ₩100,000  $100    PAYPAL