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After completing the online sign-up application, you will need to pay the membership fee to be accepted. Once the deposit has been confirmed by the Society Secretariat, you can act as a member.   
 If you would like to attend a domestic conference and event after signing up on the English website, please log in with the same ID and password on the Korean website and enter your membership information in Korean. 
Terms of Registration

Chapter 1. General Rule

Article 1. (Purpose)

The purpose of this term of registration is to provide basic information on the terms and conditions of use of all the homepages and service (hereinafter referred to as "service") provided by the Korean Society of Clothing and Textiles (hereinafter "the Society").

Article 2. (Effect and change of the Terms of Use)

1. The terms of this Agreement will be effective upon posting on the Service screen or otherwise notifying the Member.
2. The Society may change these Terms if there is a reasonable cause and if any changes are made, the changes shall be disclosed without delay.

Article 3 (Terms and Conditions)

The matters not specified in these Terms and Conditions may be applied in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations and the terms of each service.

Article 4 (Terms and Definition)

Terms used in these terms are as follows.
1. "Service" refers to various information supplied through the homepage created by the "Korean Apparel Society".
2. "Member" means a person who has entered into a service use contract with the Society.
3. "Password" refers to the combination of letters and numbers set by the member himself / herself for the password of the member.
4. "Manager" means the person selected by the Society for overall management and smooth operation of the service.

Chapter 2 Contract of Service Use

Article 5. (Establishment of Contract)

1. If you check "Yes" on the question "Do you agree with the Korean Society Clothing and Textiles' Terms of Registration?" in the application form, we assume that you are bound to Terms of Registration
2. The contract of use is established by the approval of the society.

Article 6. (Application for Use)

Application is made online.

Article 7. (Approval of application for use)

1. The Society approves the application for use when all the required information is clearly stated in the application form.

2. The Society reserves the right to waive acceptance of the application for use under the following conditions:
1) If there is no room for the facility
2) If there are technical difficulties
3) Other cases considered necessary by the Society

3. The Society may not accept applications for use under the following conditions.
1) If the name is not a real name
2) If someone else's name is used
3) If information in the application form is false.
4) If you applied for the purpose of hindering social well-being or morals
5) When there are other failures to meet the requirements of the Society

Article 8. (Change of Contract)

Members must make corrections online, without delay, when the items listed at the time of application are changed.

Chapter 3 Use of Services

Article 9 (The duty of the society)

The Society does not disclose or distribute the member's personal information that is known to the service provider to third parties without their consent. However, if there is a request by the state agency under the provisions of the law such as the Basic Act on Telecommunications and there is a criminal investigation purpose, a request by the Information Communication Ethics Committee, or a request made by other related laws and regulations, the Society is not bound to the duty.

Article 10 (Duty to manage member ID and password)

Members are responsible for all management of Member ID and Password. Members are responsible for any consequences arising from the mismanagement of their IDs and passwords or the misuse of their membership. If a member's ID and Password are used improperly, the member must notify the Society.

Article 11. (The Duty of Member for the Service as a Whole)

1. Members shall not engage in any of the following acts when using the Service.
1) Misuse of other member's ID and Password
2) Infringement of any copyright or other rights of any third party
3) Distributing information, sentences, figures, etc. that are in violation of public order and morals and customs to others
4) An act that is objectively judged to be connected with a crime
5) Acts that violate other related laws and regulations

2. Members must comply with the terms and conditions of these Terms of Registration and instructions for using the service or cautions.
3. Members must observe the restrictions posted on the service announcement or otherwise notified by the Society.
4. Members may not use the service to conduct business without prior consent of the Society. The Society shall not be held responsible for the outcome of the use of the member's activities in violation of the Terms.

Article 12 (Providing Information)

The Society may provide members with a variety of information deemed necessary, such as by e-mail or postal mail

Article 13 (Member's Posting)

The Society may delete the contents posted by the member without prior notice in the event that it is deemed that the contents fall under the following conditions:
1) In the case of content that defames another member or a third party by defamation or slander.
2) If the content violates public order and morals
3) If the content is found to be related to criminal activity
4) In case of infringement of copyright or other rights of third parties
5) In case of promoting unhealthy material
6) If it is judged to be in violation of other relevant laws and regulations

Article 14 (Copyright, Portrait Rights, Intellectual Property, etc.)

1. Copyrights, portrait rights, and intellectual property rights for ideas, manuscripts, and photographs submitted to the society are attributed to the Society.
2. Members who receive prize money from the Society through events, awards, etc. can be requested for manuscripts, media appearances, photo shoots, etc.

Article 15 (Service Hours)

The use of the service is conducted 24 hours a day, seven days a week, unless there is a special obstacle in the business or technical aspects of the Society.
However, the day and time set by the Society are not serviced due to the need for periodic inspections. The Society reserves the right to change the time available, in which case it will be notified in advance.

Article 16 (Service Stop)

1. The Society may suspend the service in the following conditions:
1) In case of inevitable construction due to maintenance of service equipment
2) If a telecommunications carrier specified in the Telecommunication Business Act has suspended telecommunication services

2. The Society may limit or suspend all or part of the service in case of a national emergency, power outage, disruption of service facilities, or congestion of use of the service, which impede the normal use of the service.

Chapter 4 Termination and Restriction of Use

Article 17 (Termination and Restriction of Use)

If a member wishes to terminate the contract, the member himself / herself must apply for termination to the society via online mail. The Society may terminate the use contract or terminate the use of the service without any prior notice if the member has performed any of the following acts.
1) If the member uses stolen someone's ID and Password
2) If the member intentionally interfere with the operation of the Service
3) If the member's signed-in name is not a real name
4) If the same user has double-registered with another name or alias
5) In case of intentional dissemination of contents that are detrimental to public order and morals
6) If the member plans or implements the use of the Service for the purpose of impeding national interest or social public interest.
7) If the member impairs or disadvantaging the honor of another person
8) In case of violation of the conditions of use prescribed by the Society

Chapter 5 Indemnification for Damages, and Miscellaneous

Article 18. (Indemnification for Damages)

The Society shall not be liable for any damages incurred by members in using the Service.

Article 19. (Exemption from Responsibility)

1. The Society is exempted from liability for Service if it can not provide Service due to natural disasters or force majeure.
2. The Society shall not be held responsible for any obstacles to the use of the Service due to the member's fault.
3. The Society shall not be liable for any loss or damage caused by expectations or sources the member gain during the use of the Service.
4. The Society shall not be held responsible for the contents, reliability, accuracy, etc. of the information posted by members on the Service.

Article 20 (Competent Court)

If a lawsuit is filed against a dispute arising out of the use of the Service, the court of the headquarters of the Society shall be the jurisdiction of the court.

Chapter 6 Privacy Policy

Article 21 (Viewing and Correcting Personal Information)

Viewing and correcting personal information can be done by using the Edit Member Information menu or by e-mail request if necessary.

Article 23 (Personal Information Retention Period)

Members' personal information will be retained by the Society from the time of enrollment to the time of withdrawal under Article 17.


(Effective Date) These Terms will be effective from January 1, 2001.
Do you agree with The Korean Society Clothing and Textiles’ Terms of Registration?

Membership Category

Categories of Membership Regular Member, Associate Member, Corporate Member
  • Regular member shall be any individual who are engaged in education, industrial organization, institution, or business in clothing and textiles related fields.
  • Associate member shall be a college student majoring in clothing and related field.
  • Corporate member shall be any industrial organization, institution, or business which are engaged in clothing and textiles related fields.
  • All members have the rights and obligations set forth in the Bylaws of the Society by paying their dues as determined by the council. Any person who has not paid the membership fee (based on the fiscal year end date) will lose membership until the delinquent is paid.

Membership Payment *Fiscal Year.Jan.1 - Dec. 31

New regular professional annual dues  ₩60,000  $60
New regular graduate student annual dues  ₩40,000  $40
Regular professional renewal dues ₩50,000  $50
Regular graduate student renewal dues ₩30,000  $30
Lifetime member dues ₩600,000  $600
Associate member dues  ₩10,000  $10
Corporate member dues    ₩100,000  $100

Payment Option

Domestic member : Depositaccount number or Credit Card
Foreign Memeber : Paypal